:  2018-05-25
:  R 120
:  20:30 PM
:  22:00 PM

Artist Info

'Boom Boom' - The first single from newcomer Gerry Liberty, dropped out of nowhere just like Gerry dropped out of University. Here's hoping his music career won't meet the same fate as his spate of dead-end jobs. Lucky for us his passion is for pop song-writing and not Pizza-delivery. The years in between, playing weddings and bar-mitzvahs seems to have paid off. 'Boom Boom' is a certified party starter. He might look like a beach-bum, but he sounds like Leadbelly, Pharrell and Brad Pitt had a three way and miraculously produced an only-child. For someone who's got nothing to say he sure makes one want to listen.

Jokes aside,   Gerry Liberty is one of the most exiting guitarist-singer-songwriters on the pop-rock scene at the moment. Although labeled as "upcoming", he is however by no means a newcomer to the music business. He is a very accomplished guitar player and singer, having honed his skills as lead guitarist in many bands.

The Gerry Liberty will perform with his band of highly experienced muso's

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2018-05-25 - R 120 per ticket

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2018-05-25 - R 120 per ticket
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