:  BLUE TUESDAY with Ruben Gerritz band & Michael Canfield
:  2018-07-31
:  R 100
:  20:00 PM
:  22:30 PM

Artist Info

This will be a  Blue Tuesday with an difference.  Acoustic guitars , piano & bass only

the Very talented JAKE GUNN & DEVIN SMITH will headline an evening of raw acoustic and passionate  blues. Jake Gunn is aready well known for as lead guitarist  ( with Jonno Martin) for Piet Botha & Jackhammer and both him and Devin Smith  often features as guest singers and guitarists in various other top blues outfits.

Joining them on stage will be the  legendary pianist, guitarist, drummer, composer, producer short...musical genius RIAAN NIEWENHUIS!  Riaan has just about played with EVERTONE worth mentioning and is one of the most innovating musicians in this country

As usal some other guests will join them for a song or two.

If you've ever been to Blue Tuesday, you will know that this show NEVER disappoints..and this one wont be any exception!

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BLUE TUESDAY with Ruben Gerritz band & Michael Canfield

2018-07-31 - R 100 per ticket

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BLUE TUESDAY with Ruben Gerritz band & Michael Canfield

2018-07-31 - R 100 per ticket
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