:  Tribute to the BEE GEES
:  2019-08-10
:  R 155
:  20:30 PM
:  22:00 PM

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The Bee Gees is rock’s most successful brother act. Barry, Robin and Maurice Gibb, were three of five children of Hugh Gibb, a band leader, and Barbara Gibb, a former singer. The three Gibb brothers made their earliest performances between shows at local movie theatres in Manchester in 1955.
In 1962, they landed their first recording contract, with the Festival label in Australia, debuting with the single “Three Kisses of Love”. The trio was astoundingly popular among the press and on television, and eventually released an then their massive influence on Rock had been felt across the world through many generations

Saturday Night Fever is still, the biggest selling film soundtrack of all time. All the songs were written prior to the movie and was going on their next soon to be released album (Staying Alive, Night Fever, How Deep isYour Love).

1925Band is a South African folk group originating from Pretoria. The band consists of three brothers, namely David-Lee Gericke (lead vocals, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, harmonica), Jeffrey Gericke (vocals, piano, keyboard, cajón, tambourine) and Reno Gericke (vocals, bass guitar).
Reno, the oldest of the three siblings, was part of a rock band called Point Xero. They had modest success and only produced a five track demo EP before they broke up. Jeffrey, the second oldest, competed in Idols South Africa 2002 and made the top 100. Thereafter he travelled Spain extensively as part of an Il Divo Heroe tribute band before returning to his homeland. David-Lee, the youngest, started his musical career at the age of fifteen as an acoustic guitarist and also learn to play the harmonica whilst writing his own music. In 2009 the three brothers collaborated for the first time together as RJD, an acoustic band that performed only one show before the broke up.
1925Band was officially formed on 27 February 2011 when Jeffrey and David-Lee collaborated again for the second time as an acoustic duo. At the time David-Lee was 19 years old and Jeffrey was 25 years old. Their ages formed the basis of the band's name. It wasn’t long after before they convinced their older brother, Reno, to join them as a bass player in order to enhance their sound. As a three piece acoustic band, the brothers went from strength to strength with the copious amounts of emotion they pour into each of their songs. They were approached by several record labels who wanted to sign them but insisted they change their name. They decided to keep the name 1925Band when they discovered that the Afrikaans language, their native tongue, was recognized as an official language on 8 May 1925.
1925Band's music is heavily influenced by Mumford & Sons and the Bee Gees as they perform an acoustic-rock pastiche of Afrikaans/ English songs, and have released two albums: Horizon (2014) and Eintlik Nogal Baie (2017). Horizon was released as a limited edition with only the one single Servette receiving radio play. But the album paved the way forward for them to get recognized as they wrote and recorded the theme song, Eintlik Nogal Baie, with acclaimed music producer Mauritz Lotz, for the feature film of the same name. The latter peaked at number one on SA Charts and a Spanish version was also recorded as part of the international distribution of the film. Their album Eintlik Nogal Baie also boasted three new singles, with the first Gedig Op Jou Arm, peaking at number two on SA Charts with AlTe MinTeVeel Gevra and Fynbos, both currently charting.
 their    most
This will be a full production, 2½ hour show with 7 musicians on stage: Drummer, Bass, Keyboards, Piano, Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar lead by the vocals of the Brothers Gericke. A full team with regards to setting up, sound engineering and striking will accompany them.
The set list will include the following songs from the Bee Gees:
You should be dancing [1976]
;Alone [1997];
Massachusetts [1967];
To Love Somebody [1967];
I’ve Gotta Get a Message toYou [1968];
Words [1968]; Secret Love [1991];
Island in the Stream [1983];
One [1989];
Night Fever/More Than a Woman [1978];
Lonely Days [1970];
For Whom the BellTolls [1993].
To Much Heaven [1978];
This Is Where I Came In [2001];
Nights On Broadway [1975];Acoustic
How CanYou Mend a Broken Heart [1971];
Heartbreaker [1994]
Spicks and Specks [1966] (semi acoustic)
Immortality [1998];
How Deep Is Your Love [1977];
Tradegy [1979];
Jive Talking [1975];
Stayin Alive [1977];
You should be dancing [1976] (full version)
YouWin Again [1987]

This fantastic Bee Gees tribute,will be a show-stopping performance in the style of the disco legends, performed by a young trio of super talented musicians
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Tribute to the BEE GEES

2019-08-10 - R 155 per ticket

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Tribute to the BEE GEES

2019-08-10 - R 155 per ticket
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