:  2019-11-16
:  R 150
:  20:30 PM
:  22:00 PM

Artist Info

The Vanilla is a 4-piece feel-good pop band from the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town. The band consists of Tyan Odendal on guitar and lead vocals, JaenPierre Dowling on bass, Francois Keyser on drums and Barthlo Visagie on lead guitar and synth.
Since they launched in March 2015, the band has been building a recognizable brand within the South African music industry. They have performed at some of the most prestigious venues in Cape Town, played with various big-name artists and secured great performance slots at 3 music festivals (OppiKoppi, Up The Creek & River Republic).
The Vanilla has been play-listed on various campus radio stations across the country. Their single, “The Sun’s Tide” was nr. 1 on the PUK FM93.6 “Local Top 30” playlist for the week of 10-16 August, beating submissions by Beatenberg Jeremy Loops, Taxi Violence, Prime Circle etc. They were also featured on MFM’s "top 5 most requested songs of the week", beating artists like Taylor Swift & Al Bairre.
The band has performed on SABC3’s “Expresso Morning Show” to great fanfare and MKTV (SA’s youth music channel) also conducted video interviews with the band at OppiKoppi as well as in Cape Town.  
Performed at the Kirstenbosch Summer Concerts series with The December Streets
Played a sold-out show with Francois van Coke and Karen Zoid at The Assembly
Performed at OppiKoppi, Up The Creek and  River Republic
Played with Die Heuwels Fantasties and Al Bairre on various occasions
Performed with Shortstraw, The Kiffness, Rubber Duc, Loki Rothman, Sons of Settlers and various other artists
Won the Quay Four Band Battle (beating 31 other bands over a period of 4 months)
Performed with Thieve at their album launch in April
Release a debut album! The band will head into studio with Dolf Willemse and Fred Den Hartog to record their first album!
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2019-11-16 - R 150 per ticket

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2019-11-16 - R 150 per ticket
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