VIVALDI's 4 SEASONS with Piet de Beer (viool), Schalk Joubert (bass) & Stanislav Angelov(accordion)

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20:30 PM - 22:00 PM

Directors note:

 Vivaldi's Four Seasons is more
Directors note:

 Vivaldi's Four Seasons is probably one of the best loved Classical masterpieces of all time. Enjoyed by old and young across the whole spectrum of music lovers.

The original score was written for a string orchestra, church organ and violin soloist. These days the organ is replaced mostly by a harpsichord.

Because of the size of this instrumentation it is very difficult for people to hear it on their doorstep since an orchestra is a costly affair.

My mission was to make it accessible for everyone everywhere and staying true to the original music.

For years I have been working with the Virtuoso accordionist Stanislav Angelov. His deep knowledge of music history gave me the idea for replacing the organ or harpsichord with the accordion( which was done in the previous centuries by churches that couldn't afford an organ)

The next step was to find a bassist that could play the original score and would be willing to fill in the missing parts for us to be faithful to the Italian Maestro.  Schalk Joubert was the obvious choice and his creative input is abundantly clear in every live performance. He is also our Narrator.

Stanislav covers the rest and I play the original 4 Concertos as written over 300 years ago.

Since it's the first programmatic music of its kind and was published originally with 4 sonnets depicting and telling a story of each season, I thought it essential to include them in our performance.  We aim to translate them in many more languages, but for now, Afrikaans and English must do.

The Afrikaans translation from the Italian was done by my dear friend Dr. Dawid de Villiers. Enjoy!  Petrus de Beer
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VIVALDI's 4 SEASONS with Piet de Beer (viool), Schalk Joubert (bass) & Stanislav Angelov(accordion)


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