:  Watershed
:  2019-11-21
:  R 185
:  20:30 PM
:  22:00 PM

Artist Info

Background and Accomplishments
Watershed is:
● Craig Hinds - vocals, acoustic guitar, piano
● Howie Combrink - drums, vocals, acoustic guitar, ukulele
● Gideon Botes - electric and acoustic guitars, vocals
● Quintin Askes - bass
● Paul McIver - acoustic guitar, vocals
Having toured both locally and internationally over the years off the back of their smash hits 'Indigo
Girl' and 'Letters' the band have carved an acoustic rock sound that is undeniably Watershed in its
uniqueness and crowd pleasing in its boldness. 'Watch the Rain', the lyrically intense and groove
filled song off their 5th studio album mesmerized audiences and took them into a space where ending
the show is not an option for the band. Watershed throws out hit after hit in their 2-hour performances
and never disappoints. This multi-talented 5-piece band switch from acoustic guitars to pianos &
ukuleles seamlessly whilst their sound remains fresh, powerful and melodic.
Since their breakthrough single in 2000 with “Indigo Girl” South African rock icons Watershed have
built their way up to be one of the most respected and decorated bands to come out of the Southern
Tip of Africa. Their distinctive melodic guitar sounds blend with the sultry tones of lead singer and
songwriter Craig Hinds voice to create a soothing and classic rock sound that is easily recognizable
and yet utterly unique.
Their albums and singles have consistently been rewarded with gold and platinum status both locally and abroad but Watershed pride themselves on being a touring band and always have a full gig schedule with loyal and vociferous support wherever they play out.
Acoustic rock outfit Watershed emerged as one of the most successful South African exports of their
generation when the single "Indigo Girl" topped the German pop charts. Formed in Johannesburg in
1998, Watershed was the vehicle of singer/songwriter Craig Warren Hinds , a former high school
English and history major. After a series of early lineup changes, the supporting cast solidified with the
inclusion of guitarist Paul McIver , bassist Vernon Hodgetts , drummer Tulsa Pittaway and viola player
Lizzie Rennie . This incarnation of the group signed to EMI South Africa in 1999, issuing In the
Meantime the following year; the debut single "Shine on Me" launched the group to national stardom,
and the follow-ups "Indigo Girl" and "Letters" made them superstars.
A German radio DJ on holiday in South Africa heard "Indigo Girl" and upon returning home began
spinning the single on Germany's SWR3. The record emerged as a left-field blockbuster throughout
Europe, and vaulted them to international renown. They launched the 2003 follow-up Wrapped in
Stone at an all-star concert in Johannesburg's Nelson Mandela Square. The first album to feature
keyboardist Graham Smith, it was also the last to include McIver, who at year's end exited to make
way for guitarist Nic Rush. Hinds again reshuffled the lineup in advance of 2005's Mosaic, only Rush
remained from the previous incarnation, with bassist Ozzy , keyboardist Hylton Brooker and drummer
Peter Auret completing the roster. Rennie rejoined the ranks in April 2006.
The band itself is structured around singer, songwriter and instrumentalist Craig Hinds who has
always felt he is a man with a positive message to convey. After teaching high school for two years
while playing his own material out in smaller venues Craig decided to take the opportunity to form a
band and make his voice and songs heard across the world.
Watershed’s travels have led them to perform at the prestigious SXSW Music Festival in Austin Texas
and Canadian Music week to various dates across Europe where their music is particularly well
received in Germany, Austria and Switzerland after a radio DJ on holiday in South Africa heard
“Indigo Girl” and thought it would enchant his listeners. He was absolutely right. The play listing of the
song on the local German station quickly built momentum and lead to them to be picked up by EMI
Germany who released “In The Meantime” and every album & single since.
2015’s album “Watch the Rain” tips the hat to the new-age country sound while still remaining
grounded in the cultured acoustic rock that Watershed is known and loved for and the first single off
the album “Magical Energy” has built momentum on the local South African charts.
While the term Watershed is universally used to describe a turning point, a lesser known use is in
broadcasting field where it is used to describe the transition time when adult content can be shown
and maybe now that’s a better fit for a band that has matured and realized the strength and depth of
their sound and trusted in their process and abilities.
Watershed are 18 years in the making and nowhere near ready to stop.
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2019-11-21 - R 185 per ticket

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2019-11-21 - R 185 per ticket
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