:  Lindi Grobler
:  2019-10-15
:  R 125
:  20:30 PM
:  22:00 PM

Artist Info

Lindi kick started her career in 2007 when making it to the final round of the Cape Town Festival hosted at the Baxter Theatre.
In 2008 she enjoyed the privilege of a very successful KKNK in Oudtshoorn and also took part in the Tygerberg Gospel Talent Search where out of more than 600 contestants she reached the Top 10.
Lindi has shared the stage with many high profiled artists such as, Nicholas Louw, Snotkop, Jakkie Louw, Pieter Smit, Vaughan Gardiner, Heinz Winckler, Elvis Blue – to name but a few.
In 2010 Lindi took her career a step further and released her debut album HIER OM TE BLY at Die Boer Theatre in Durbanville. The magazine Vrouekeurgave her album an outstanding review and named it “The Country debut of the year” and had the following to say:
“The sun shines bright on this extremely talented musician. She has everything it takes to establish her in the Country Rock genre. In fact, with her debut album she’s already a step ahead all other female muso’s in this genre.”
 As testament to the hit status of the album’s title song HIER OM TE BLY, the song was chosen by a local Cape Town radio station to be used as their jingle.
Lindi currently has quite a few songs playing on numerous radio stations across South Africa.
HIER OM TE BLY reached no 2 in Radio Houtstok’s Huisgenoot Top 30 and in September 2010 her song, EK WAG VIR DIE REËN made it to number 5 in the Top 20 of the Eurovision South African Artists. Her CD cover took 7th place.
Lindi is proudly sponsored by Makarios Fencing and House of Hair Ext.
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Lindi Grobler

2019-10-15 - R 125 per ticket

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Lindi Grobler

2019-10-15 - R 125 per ticket
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