Die Boer will provide its guests with one of the most rewarding small theatre experiences you can have anywhere in the world. The overwhelming majority of South Africa's Top artists perform here on a regular basis. From solo musicians to big 6-piece bands, from solo comedy acts to larger cast theatre productions, our well equipped stage can cater for them all.

Die Boer prides itself in the fact that we promote proper theatre etiquet during our shows. It is quite amazing to see the same room "transforms" itself at show-time, from a vibrant (and noisy) restaurant, to an intimate and attentive theatre audience.

The design and  layout of the restaurant & theatre was meticulously planned. Great care was taken to make sure no construction or decor items cause any kind of obstruction to the view from any of the 130 seats.  Tables further back and on the sides was placed on slightly raised platforms, giving the restaurant a subtle amphitheatre feel.
Jak by die Boer
The Amazing Sound quality in die Boer theatre is mainly due to the studio roof design, the thick traditional acoustic curtains, and the proffesionally installed permanent JBL sound system.

 Die Boer se "plafon" bestaan uit 'n "Skaakbord" van bamboesriet en hout-panele wat deur n dubbele laag Isotherm Isolasie materiaal van die sinkdak geskei word. Die unieke vorm van die dak sorg vir uitstekende klankdemping.
Soundcraft 333x200
Twin 333x200
Naviredd 333x200

Left /Right   - 2 X JBL  PRX 615         1000w each
Centre         - 2 x JBL  EON G2           480w
Bass            - 2 x 18"   WHARFEDALE 800w each
Side Fills     - 2 x 12"   WHARFDALE   240w each
2 x JBL  EON G2    480w
2 X YAMAHA  CV12 (300w each).
1 X LANEY Powered Monitor wedge 250w

1 X YAMAHA  LS9  32 CH digital Mixing Console
1 x SOUNDCRAFT GB8 32 ch analogue mixing console

Yamaha Upright Piano
Roland 150 full size digital piano
1 x Fender Twin Reverb guitar Amp (80w)
1 x Fender Hot Rod Deluxe Guitar Amp (40w)
Ashdown Combo Bass Amp  (300w)
Pearl drumkit  (Kick, 2 toms, floor, hat, snare, 4 x cymbals & stands)

4 x Shure SM58 dynamic vocal mics.
2 x  Shure SM57 beta dynamic mics.
2 X Audix condensor mics (drums or piano)
5 X drum mics with clips (Stage works) 
5 x DI Boxes
8 x Boom Microphone stands.


7 x 1000 Watt Parcans  (Front of stage)
1 x 500 Watt Profile       (Front of stage)
4 x 1000watts Parcans  (On stage)
6 x 300 watts Parcans   (On stage)
1 X12 channel JBS systems dimmer pack
2 X 4 channel CHAUVET dimmer packs
1 x 24 channel JBS lighting control desk

1 X Chauvet Fogger machine

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