Before you can make an online booking, you need to REGISTER FIRST
If you have registered before, you can just LOGIN.     Find these buttons on the top right side of our homepage

Each of the many  "mini showposters" you see below UPCOMING EVENTS, represents a show. CLICK on the picture to open the show and book for it.   (you cant see shows thats FULLY BOOKED)

You can also find a show by clicking on the CALENDER VIEW tab or the FULL PROGRAM LIST tab.

For mobile devices, we have a simplified system where you can very easily see how many seats are available for any show and quickly book seats and pay for them ..all on you mobile.  You can not book specific tables, but we will place your reservation at the best available table.

If you would like to reserve a specific table online, you need to book that via your PC, where more options are available. You will be able to see a table-plan with all the different sizes and positions of the tables, as well as the minimum and maximum amount of people each table can handle.

1) At the top of our Home page  you'll find two buttons:  "Login" & "Register"    If you haven't registered before,  first click on the "Register" button. You will be prompted for your cellphone nr.   Pls enter you cellnr. and click "submit"

2) If we already have your details on record (from previous bookings by phone), you will only be asked to enter an e-mail adress and a password of your choice. If we don't have your details from previous bookings, a form will open asking for your contact details. Pls enter  your name, surname, e-mail adress and a password of your choice, and click "submit". You are now registered and ready to book your table online!  The log-in details you chose, will be e-mailed to you for safe-keeping.  The next time you want to book, just log in using these details.

If you click on a show in any of these views, the detailed information for the show will open. At the bottom of the "show-page" you will see a "Book Now"  button.  (If you don't see that,  but instead see "You need register / login to book this event, it means you havent logged in, or registered yet)

4) .  Click the "Book now" button at the bottom of the show-page. A table plan for the show will open up, showing all available tables. Click on the table of your choice. A pop-up label will indicate the size of the table, minumum and maximum amount of seats that can be booked at that table, as well as the available number of seats. Tables that are crossed out, have already been fully reserved. 

5) Tables coloured in Red, means that you can reserve that table exclusively for yourself, but only if you book the minimum nr of seats required at that table. Tables coloured in Green, means that you may have to share at that table with other people if you do not book ALL the seats.

6) Use the red "slider" to indicate the nr of seats you would like,  and then click the "add" button. Your reservation will appear on the left highlighted in white. If you want to book more tables, go ahead and just click on other available tables and repeat the process. If, for example, you would like a  bigger table for say 9 people, click on ex. Table 22 and use the slider to book 6 seats. Then click on Table 23 and book 3 seats.  (We will combine the seats for you into one big table!)  When finished,  pls check that the nr of tables and seats are correct. If not, press the remove button and start again.

7) If you are a large party that want to come to die Boer and cannot find a suitable configuration, pls send us an e-mail to or phone 021-9791911, and we will do our best to accommodate you.

8) Once you are happy with your reservation, press the 'Proceed" button on the bottom right of the page.

9) A page will come up with the details of your table reservation(s). If this is correct, pls press the "proceed to payment" button.

Die Boer uses VIRTUAL CARD SERVICES' secure VCS-payment-gateway to process payments, and you can use ANY CREDIT CARD to make your payment.  Pls press the "VCS" button to direct you to the secure encrypted  gateway.

10) Follow the online instructions to make your payment.

11) Your booking details and e-tickets will be mailed to the e-mail address you entered during registration. Your name, table nr and nr of seats will automatically appear on our guestlist once successfull payment of tickets have been made.

12) If you have booked a table,  but for some reason your credit card payment was NOT succesfull, we will still have your reservation marked as "unpaid".  You can then just do an EFT into our bank account as usual and mail the Proof of Payment to We will mark you reservation as "paid"

Enjoy your on-line booking experience at die Boer! 

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